Know Your Audience

A typical month of programming provides workouts for every day except Sundays. (if your affiliate is open 7 days a week please let us know) This is NOT competitor programming. 99% of members attending a CrossFit affiliate are not competitors. They need General Physical Preparedness(GPP) with the appropriate volume and well planned variance. They are normal people who want to get fit, have fun, and achieve their goals. The workouts we provide are focused on this demographic, which is the overwhelming majority of CrossFitters attending classes.

Quality, Not Quantity

These workouts are designed to fit into the typical one hour class at your affiliate. They will allow time for the trainer to warm-up and cool down the members. The overwhelming majority of the time we do not program workouts with multiple parts. More is not better when it comes to programming. We believe in having one main focus each day which allows for emphasis on intensity and coaching. We provide the workouts, not the warm-ups or cool downs. You will receive the programming for the upcoming month by the 25th of the calendar month prior.

Ready To Get Started?

To provide you and your members with the programming they deserve we provide you with a questionnaire. It will help us understand the equipment you have available, the specific needs of your members, and much more.

Let's Do This!