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The Private Track includes the following:

  • A detailed warm-up
  • The workout of the day
  • Scaled workout options
  • Goal times / rounds / %'s
  • Limited Equipment Options (dumbbells)
  • Modifications if you don't have a bike, rower, etc
  • Optional accessory work
  • Cool downs & stretching
  • Instructional / educational daily video explaining everything
  • Movement demo videos
  • Access to our members-only private Facebook group
  • You will be part of a positive & supportive community
  • Subscription to Beyond the Whiteboard included!
  • Everything delivered to an app on your phone
  • All this & more is only $10 a month
  • No commitment, cancel any time.


All you need to do is pull out your phone, tap on the app, workout & have fun! We handle everything else. The CF Linchpin Private Track exists to help YOU get what you want...a fitter, happier, healthier life with more free time to enjoy.  

Our goal is to get you as fit as possible in an hour or less each day. We focus on the long term health & fitness needs of YOU. This means training SMART & not beating up your knees, back & shoulders through unnecessary volume, loading or bad programming. We want you to feel good. You should be fit & healthy today, tomorrow & for decades to come.

Regardless of whether you are new to working out or very experienced, the CF Linchpin Private Track offers the tools & information to meet you wherever you are in your fitness journey. 

Our primary members are men & women who want to be as fit as possible but cannot dedicate multiple hours to training in the gym each day because they have demanding jobs, kids (my wife & I have two amazing high energy boys), hobbies, & countless other responsibilities demanded by real life...yet, they still want & deserve incredible fitness.

Most of our workouts can be done with a barbell, bumper plates, a pull-up bar, and a jump rope. Our "limited equipment" version only requires a pull-up bar, a set of low rings or TRX bands hanging from the pull-up bar (for dips, rows & muscle-up substitutions), a jump rope & a pair of dumbbells.

For each daily workout I also include a video which describes the intent, how to attack it, lots of scaling tips, what to do if you don't have a rower, bike, or other gear, & the "why" behind the programming. This educational piece is designed to take the mystery out of how to create incredible workouts, how to scale appropriately to meet your needs, & is one of the most valuable aspects of what we offer. All of this, & more, is only $10 a month, & that includes a subscription to Beyond the Whiteboard!

The daily programming provided by CrossFit Linchpin is amongst the most well designed & intelligently crafted workouts available anywhere. Our programming credentials range from creating workouts for the every day CrossFitter, Affiliates, up to & including actual events at the CrossFit Games. I was a Navy SEAL, my wife was a D-1 collegiate gymnast & two-time CrossFit Games individual athlete. We draw upon all of our combined experience to provide you with the best workouts possible. However, it is important to note the focus of CrossFit Linchpin is NOT the competitor, it is for real people with busy you and me.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for the CF Linchpin Private Track! CrossFitting for over 10 years I have continually struggled with low back issues which was causing me lots of pain, training modifications & down time. The well balanced program & daily videos you provide have been a life changer for me. I believe the accessory work specifically has been a huge plus for me. It has progressively rebuilt the strength & confidence in my hips & low back via the abundance of unilateral movements that I think too often get overlooked in most programs. Lately I've been doing things with confidence that I haven't been able to do in years. I can't thank you enough. And on top of it all it's a bargain!

Shane G.

Thank you for rekindling in me a furious fire of happiness for CrossFit through the Private Track. I have ZERO plans to leave the Linchpin community.

Laskey H.

Carl I'm a father of a 2 month old, I've got a pair of dumbbells, a jumprope, medball, & pull-up bar in the park nearby, so the Limited Equipment Option means I can stick with Linchpin's high quality programming instead of searching the internet for workouts that fit my gear. The way you modify heavy days is genius & brutal. Learning a ton! Thanks so much for everything!

Rad S.

Thanks for the awesome program. I feel as fit as I've ever been and I'm actually not aching everywhere. I feel great.

John D.

After two kids, I never thought my body would look the same. Now? IT LOOKS BETTER THAN PRE-BABIES!

Michelle L.

I got caught up in the "more is better cycle". Constantly chasing PR's with the barbell, spending hours and hours a week snatching, cleaning, squatting and kipping my way through bad gymnastics and ignoring sore knees and shoulders caused by it........Read the Linchpin website and instantly realized that this was exactly what I needed. Geeking out on Pat's videos and learning the reasoning behind everything is also a huge selling point.

An D.

Join a positive, supportive community & achieve your goals.

More than 2,000 people from all around the globe are members of the CrossFit Linchpin private track. As a member, you can download the BTWB app on your phone & get everything delivered to your fingertips. CrossFit Linchpin's programming for each week will be automatically loaded & available to you. You will be able to easily log & track your results as well as compare yourself to the entire community if you wish. CrossFit Beyond the Whiteboard, known as "BTWB" has a large number of tools you can use to analyze your progress, identify strengths & weaknesses, & much more. They provide you with the best website experience & app in the entire fitness industry. It is for these reasons we partnered up with them.

As a member you also get access to the CF Linchpin private Facebook group so you can interact with other members from all around the world. Our online community is AMAZING! It is full of supportive, positive people building real friendships, sharing stories, ideas and encouraging each other. It is a friendly and welcoming environment unlike anything else you may have experienced on Facebook...there is no drama, no egos, no politics, etc. It is truly a place of fun, support, and filled with people committed to helping one another reach their goals. 


  • Their incredible app delivers everything right to your phone.
  • See how well you did, instantly.
  • Know your true strengths & weakneses with Fitness Level.
  • Stay updated on your friend's results.
  • Only $10/mo for the Private Track. Cancel Anytime.
  • Only $20/mo for the Private Track + Nutrition. Cancel Anytime.
  • BTWB subscription included with purchase

Private Track + Nutrition

The "Private Track + Nutrition" option includes everything the "Private Track" does as well as nutrition education videos on CrossFit Linchpin rest days (Thursdays & Sundays) in the BTWB private track. These videos will be dedicated to topics regarding health, body composition, & performance. The cool part is: the topics are decided by YOU — the Linchpin community! Leave your nutrition questions as comments on the Linchpin Instagram page rest days. Topics will be addressed in order of their popularity. 

Our goal with the Private Track + Nutrition is to help you take control of your eating. We want to show you a healthy way to eat which fits into your busy schedule & is sustainable not just for a few months, but for life. Long term health & fitness is what we want. 

The nutrition portion of your CF Linchpin subscription is authored by EC Synkowski of OptimizeMe Nutrition. EC holds an MS in Nutrition & Functional Medicine & her company is dedicated to education: helping people understand the rationale for their nutrition choices. Just like our #brutuallyelegant approach to fitness, EC takes a no-nonsense approach to nutrition that focuses on a constant vigilance of doing the fundamental aspects well. 

EC is very in tune with the CrossFit! She has been part of the community since 2006 including working as a CrossFit HQ seminar staff Flowmaster & Training Department Program Manager until 2017. She still coaches (currently at CrossFit Roots in Colorado) & holds the Certified CrossFit Level-4 Coach credential.

The "Private Track + Nutrition" is only $20 a month, which includes a BTWB subscription & their Macros tracking feature! If you are not fully satisfied you can switch back to only the "Private Track" subscription (& eliminate the nutrition info) or fully cancel at any time.

Here is what our members are saying...

"I have got to say, the nutritional videos you are providing on CF Linchpin are very good. I have been at Crossfit for over ten years & I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about dieting. It turns out I was operating under a lot (common) misconceptions. It is very simple now: I strive to meet the 800g challenge & hit my protein numbers every day. This puts me well inside my carb numbers, gives me plenty of energy,  & allows room for fun. What with your nutritional guidance & Pat's (Linchpin) programming, I plan to live forever! Seriously, though, thank you."

-Brian R.

Disclaimer: By purchasing a subscription, you accept this disclaimer in full. Information in this track is provided for informational purposes only & is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by a medical professional. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. Any significant diet change should be approved by your healthcare provider before starting.

My commitment to you

For every workout of the day I provide my thoughts and share my programming expertise. This will only be available to members of CrossFit Linchpin's track on BTWB through the videos I create and attach to the daily programming. The videos will discuss the workout of the day, the scaled version, the limited equipment version, goal times and/or rounds, accessory work, mindset, programming tips & more. The possibilities are limitless. This provides you an excellent opportunity to maximize your experience and achieve your goals through a better understanding of the programming.

Lastly, I wanted to make all of these amazing features available to everyone at an extremely reasonable price. To join the private CrossFit Linchpin track through BTWB is only $10.00 total USD a month.

Please note, by joining the Private Track & clicking "Sign Up" up you are indicating that you have read & agree to our "Terms of Service" located at the bottom of this page.

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