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Our goal is to get you as fit as possible in roughly an hour or less each day. We focus on the health and fitness needs of YOU. Our primary members are men and women who want to be as fit as possible but cannot dedicate hours and hours to training in the gym each day because they have jobs, kids, hobbies, lives outside of the gym, and countless other responsibilities demanded by real life...yet, they still want and deserve elite fitness. The daily programming provided by CrossFit Linchpin is amongst the most well designed and intelligently crafted workouts available anywhere. For each daily workout I personally write a detailed explanation which may describe the intent, workout goals, scaling options, the "why" behind the programming, how to attack it, etc. This education piece is one of the most important aspects of what we offer. I also personally record and attach video explanations (in addition to the written content) for each workout of the day.

Go beyond your fitness

Tracking your effort, performance, movements, workouts, times, and lifts in the gym is an essential part of your athletic development and achieving your goals. Without these critical pieces of information, you are left guessing as to whether or not you are heading in the right direction. We want to eliminate the guesswork. When it comes to tracking workouts, collecting data, analyzing data, and then presenting it in an easy to understand and user-friendly format there is only one choice...Beyond the Whiteboard. Otherwise known as "BTWB", they provide athletes with the best website experience and app in the entire fitness industry. It is for these reasons we partnered up with them.


  • Everything you need, at your fingertips.
  • See how well you did, instantly.
  • Know your true strengths & weakneses with Fitness Level.
  • Stay updated on your friend's results.
  • Only $10/mo. Cancel Anytime.
  • BTWB subscription included with purchase

Join The Community

Tens of thousands of athletes from all around the globe follow the daily workouts of CrossFit Linchpin. Through CrossFit Linchpin's SQUAD on Beyond the Whiteboard we finally have an easy way to create a global community! This is very exciting. As a member, you can download the BTWB app on your phone and get everything delivered to your fingertips. CrossFit Linchpin's programming for each week will be automatically loaded and available to you. You will be able to easily log and track your results as well as compare yourself to the entire community if you wish. BTWB has a large number of tools you can use to analyze your progress, identify strengths and weaknesses, and much more.

My commitment to you

I will provide my thoughts and share my programming expertise for each workout of the day. This will be available to members through written content and videos I create and attach to the daily programming. It will only be available through CrossFit Linchpin's track on BTWB. The input and insight I provide will change from day to day. Some days I will write about how I would attack the workout. Other days may dive into education about programming and why/how that specific workout was created. The possibilities are limitless and this provides me an excellent platform to give members of the community a window into my thought process regarding a variety of topics.

Lastly, I wanted to make all of these amazing features available to everyone at an extremely reasonable price. To join the private CrossFit Linchpin track through BTWB is only $10.00 USD a month.

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$10/month. Cancel Anytime.
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